From dream to reality. My St James Trail to Santiago de Compostela

Dear blog followers,

Judging by the many positive reactions I received, I can conclude that a large number of you followed me on my St. James Trail to Santiago de Compostella in 2014 and 2015. Your remarks and support gave me such a rush; I was so happy and when I’m happy, my walking just gets better and better. In the meantime, my blog has had 63.000 hits, a fantastic high score and to be honest with you, this took me completely by surprise.

Several of you suggested that I should write a book about all my adventures during my walk and yes, I took your advice as many of my blog followers already know. Now people are contacting me regularly by phone of email asking what the status is.

Well, I can confess that things are looking pretty good. My manuscript has survived two rounds of editing and I have added many photographs that I took during my trip.

At this point in time I am speaking to a professional who wants to take on the publishing. If all goes well, my book will hit the bookstores towards the middle of May this year.

Most of you also know that I am hoping to publish the book by means of crowd funding and some very progressive readers have already asked me if they can transfer some money to me.

Well dear followers, yes you can. Very soon, you will be receiving the final mail describing the transfer details and of course, what I will do in return for a donation.

With €25,00 you can help me make my dream come true and in return, you will receive my book. With a donation of € 50,00, I will mention your name in my book and for a donation of €250,00 you can have your company name and logo listed.

Thanks up front for your support,

Kind regards,

Chris Frencken



Hans Verhulst

Count me in Chris. Ik loop met een paar vrienden sinds vorug jaar de trail. Wel iets relaxter: elk jaar een week van 100-120 km in het voorjaar en najaar. In 2018 moeten we er zijn.
Heb je "The Way" al gezien?

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