Thanks Pablo Lampon and Maribel Castejon Fernandez

Hi Maribel and Pablo,

Back home again after 400kms hiking through your beautiful country.

My (eleven) blisters forced me to stop for this moment with the camino. I would like to thank you both for your support in preparing this journey. 

During the journey it was good to know that I had always two adresses and phone numbers of spanish citizens, who I could call when needed. And it worked: the moment that I had to decide to stop, due to my blisters I called on a Saterday Pablo on the beach to ask for the best travel from Leon to Dusseldorf and he provided me the travel advice right away.

So again, many many many thanks for your support and I hope to receive it next year again, because I decided already that I plan to travel back to Carrion de los Condes, where I stopped, on august 26th 2015.

Kind regards,



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